A student’s first year at university is a big transition. The first year brings new experiences, and new ways of learning. We believe that students should not lose the momentum that brought them to university, and we encourage them to get the support they need.

First-Year Experience (FYE) at UCT aims to support you during your first year at university.  FYE will guide you through this year; giving you helpful information about the services you can access to support your first year experience. FYE is active in the areas below:

Download and save Studying at University: A Guide for First-Year Students. It is a great resource, and includes information on preparing for class, reading and writing skills, exams, and UCT's support services .

Help during Orientation

FYE has a firm presence in the Orientation programme. The FYE help desk initiative sees senior students staffing temporary help desks at various points on campus, while the tech buddies provide digital literacy assistance in undergraduate labs.

Early Assessment

Early Assessment (EA) gives students an idea of their progress and performance before their final exams for a course. Faculties use EA to offer students appropriate academic support. Click here for the guide to Early Assessment

FYE Vula Sites

Our Faculty FYE VULA sites are loaded with resources a first-year student at UCT could need. They also serve as online help desks, where students can post queries anonymously. Access the FYE Vula site in your faculty.

FYE Talks / Extended Orientation

Some faculties run FYE Talks (or Extended Orientation). These workshops cover topics like essay writing, exam preparation, library research skills, test-taking skills, managing stress, and more.


Mentors are senior students who help first years adapt to life at UCT. In most cases students will have the opportunity to sign up for a mentor at the beginning of the year, so they should be aware of any communication from their faculty or residence.

For more information on the FYE, click here.