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These policies have been approved by Senate and Council.

Please note:

  • For human resources (HR) policies such as those governing conditions of service, please visit the Human Resources site.
  • For information technology (IT) policies, please visit the ICTS site.


UCT values: a statement of values for the University of Cape Town and its members

Policy on Council statements

General rules and policies (Handbook 3) (including rules on conduct for students)

Proper channels for student complaints (see Handbook 3)

Academic review guidelines

Access to archives policy

Policy for collection and heritage stewardship

Policy on co-badged qualifications and joint or jointly awarded qualifications (‘joint degrees’)

Student housing admission policy for 2022–2026

Approval of sabbatical office status for student leaders

Conflicts of interest: principles, policy and rules

UCT special rules and code of conduct regulating activity on campus during South African national and local government elections

Senate policy on election to emeritus rank

Guidelines for the appointment of supervisors of doctoral candidates

Guidelines regarding SAPS on campus


Dispute resolution

Finance policies

Fraud and Risk Management

Health and safety

Intellectual property policy

Language policy

Metadata and information architecture policy

UCT Open Access


Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

Records management policy


Social responsiveness

Teaching and learning

Visit the Teaching and learning section.



Web policies