Aditi Hunma


Aditi Hunma is a senior lecturer in the Language Development Group (LDG) in the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) at the University of Cape Town.  She has a background in English literature, Linguistics and Philosophy and a specialisation in Education in the Applied Language and Literacy stream.  She was appointed in 2012 to research, design and teach on academic literacy courses and online writing modules.  The design of those modules formed part of the digital turn in LD, that went on to inform her research interests, and that of LD colleagues with whom she wrote collaborative papers.  She is a member of a regional Extended Curriculum Programme organising team, where emerging educational matters are discussed through seminars and annual conferences.  She has been a Principal Investigator on a DHET-funded project to design a wrapped MOOC course based on a Coursera MOOC, Writing Your World, that she and colleagues were involved in designing and offering.  The course, now in its fifth iteration, focuses on academic and research literacies in preparation for students’ second year of studies, and sees an annual enrolment of students across academic years of study and disciplines.