Given the University's commitment to increase the number of students with postgraduate qualifications and to provide support to address their needs, CHED is active in many spheres of postgraduate development, working closely with the Director for Postgraduate Studies to enrich the experience of students.


The Writing Centre

The Language Development Group offers many kinds of writing support for postgraduates. For example, The Writing Centre is a walk-in consultancy service for all students including postgraduates to discuss academic writing. Postgraduates are encouraged to set up a structured relationship with the Writing Centre with specific time-frames, preferably from early in the research process.

Blog: See our Writing Centre Blog for more online resources

Contact: The Writing Centre (



Writing Pathways

Writing Pathways provides you with a collection of writing tools you can use on your writing or research journey. These are diverse tools to adapt and assemble to take your writing forward. We know that writing can be a lonely process and many of our tools connect you to a community of other writers. We invite you to take some time to look at our offerings and think about how you can arrange them to fit your needs.

For more information, please contact Catherine Hutchings (


Writers Circles

The Writers Circles is a lively community of postgraduate researchers from various disciplines, conducting research at Honours, Masters, PhD and Post-doctoral levels. The space allows postgraduate researchers to offer and receive constructive feedback to a member's draft, with a focus on 'what if' rather than 'this is missing', and is also occasionally used as a rehearsal for upcoming presentations and seminars.

Should you wish to join, please email Aditi Hunma (