Gideon Nomdo


Gideon Nomdo comes from a teaching background and taught in the public-school sector before joining UCT to undertake further studies. He regards himself as is a teacher by calling and views his teaching roles from the perspective of promoting access and ‘educating for positive and transformative change’. Gideon teaches academic literacy courses at the reception year level on the Humanities Extended Degree Programme and in the African Studies Department. He is the UCT Academic Coordinator for the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate and Postgraduate Fellowship Programme, which offers academic mentoring support to black students who wish to pursue PhDs and take up positions in the academy. His research interests are in the areas of academic literacy, student development and black student identity transformations in higher education.


Selected Publications

  • Nomdo, G.J. 2013. Collaborating by Design: Language Embedded in an Economics Course. In June Pym and Moragh Paxton (Eds), Surfacing Possibilities: What it means to work with first generation higher education students. Champaign, Illinois, USA: Common Ground Publishing LLC, pp. 100 – 122.
  • Nomdo, G. 2017. ‘When you write you are not expected to come from your home’: Analysing ‘fateful moments’ as a reclaiming of ‘self’ in a historically white university. South African Journal of Higher Education, 31(2), 192‒210.
  • Arend, M., Hunma, A., Hutchings, H. & Nomdo, G. (2017). The Messiness of Meaning Making: Examining the Affordances of the Digital Space as a Mentoring and Tutoring Space for the Acquisition of Academic Literacy. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa, 5 (2), 89–111. DOI: 10.24085/
  • Nomdo, Gideon. 2017. “A South African case study: how to transform student support efforts”. The Conversation, October 26. Online [Available]:
  • Samson, S., Arend, M., Hunma, A., Hutchings, C. and Nomdo, G. 2018. Constructing the ECP lecturer as giver and receiver of care through an analysis of student’s reflective essays. In Lynn Coleman (Ed), Teaching in Extended Programmes in South Africa: classroom contexts, lecturer identities & teaching practices. Bellville, Cape Town, SA: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, pp. 57-66.
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  • Louw, H., Nomdo, G. & Nencel, L. 2022. ‘Every slap demeans me’: at the intersection of disability, masculinity and intimate partner violence in the Global South. Culture, Health & Sexuality, DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2022.2156616
  •  Nomdo, Gideon. 2023. Unpacking the notion of ‘criticality’ in liberatory praxis:
  • A critical pedagogy perspective. CriSTaL, 11, Special Issue, pp.50-70, DOI: 10.14426/cristal.v11iSI.644