Gideon Nomdo

Gideon co-convenes the Language in the Humanities course (DOH1002F). The DOH1002F course is a first year first semester academic literacy course designed for Humanities students in the extended degree programme and mainstream. He is interested in academic literacy, curriculum development, student development, and mentorship. He is the Academic Co-ordinator of the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Programme (MMUF) at UCT. This fellowship is an Equity Development initiative and aims at recruiting highly successful Black students into academia. He is also a mentor on the 100UP programme. 100Up is a UCT project that aims to address the problem of under-representation by targeting school learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Gideon's current research interest is in the area of language and Identity. He is currently busy with a PhD where he is looking at how successful Black (Coloured) students reconstruct their identities in a post-apartheid setting. A core concern in the PhD is identifying "fateful moments" in these students' lives and assessing the impact of these on the identity construction process.