Moeain Arend

Moeain joined the LDG in 2007 as a permanent member of staff; before that, he worked in the Writing Centre as a writing consultant from 2004 to 2006. He teaches on the ‘Language in the Humanities' and ‘Academic Literacy in the Humanities' courses which are designed for first year students.

His current research focuses on textual flows across institutional boundaries in South Africa's criminal justice system. The research intends looking at how texts are recontextualized and reworked when they traverse from one institutional site to another. Through tracking texts, he illuminates the epistemologies and social practices which inform the literacy practices of law and South Africa's criminal justice system.

Moeain is also involved in the Postgraduate Writing Project where he works closely with Linda Cooper in researching the impact of everyday life experiences on students' ability to write at a postgraduate level.