Moeain Arend


Moeain Arend is a senior lecturer in the Centre for Higher Education Development at the University of Cape Town.  He teaches on first year academic literacy courses designed for Humanities students and has also taught on similar courses in other faculties.  His research interest centres on literacy in situated contexts with a specific focus on the consequences of literacy and texts on social relations as they travel across various social contexts.


Selected Publications

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Hunma, A.; Arend, M.; Nomdo, G.; Samson, S.; Hutchings, C. 2019. “Revisiting writer identities in discomforting spaces: The envisioned self in academic writing”. Alternation: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa.

  • Arend, M., Hunma, A., Hutchings, H., & Nomdo, G. (2017). The Messiness of Meaning Making: Examining the Affordances of the Digital Space as a Mentoring and Tutoring Space for the Acquisition of Academic Literacy. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa, 5(2), 89-111.DOI: 10.24085/jsaa.v5i.2704.

  • Arend, M. (2015). “Taming tensions: Police docket production and the creation of trans- contextual stability in South Africa’s criminal justice system”, pp. 1-16 in Social Semiotics,16, Vol. 25, No. 4, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Kapp, R. and Arend, M. (2011). ‘There’s a hippo on my stoep’: Constructions of English second language teaching and learners in the new National Senior Certificate, pp. 1-10 in Per Linguam 27 (1).

  • Van Pletzen, E., Paxton, M., Archer, M. Arend, M., Chihota, C. Cook, S. (2008). Assisting students with disciplinary discourses. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies Vol. 26 (1) (SA List).

Chapters in Peer Reviewed Books

  • Samson, S. Arend, M., Hutchings, C., Hunma, A. and Nomdo, G. (2018). Constructing the ECP lecturer as care giver and receiver through an analysis of student reflective essays. In Coleman, L. ed. Teaching in Extended Programmes in South Africa: Classroom Contexts, Lecturer Identities and Teaching Practices. Fundani, Centre for Higher Education, Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

  • Arend, M. (2013). ‘It was hardly about writing’: Translations of experience on entering postgraduate studies in Risk in Academic Writing: Postgraduate Students, their teachers and the Making of Knowledge, pp.219-233. L. Thesen and L. Cooper (Eds). Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

  • Arend, M. (2005). “Disorder of Discourses: Insider and Outsider Literacy practices in a police station on the Cape Flats, South Africa” in Urban Literacy: Communication, Identity and Learning in Development Contexts. A. Rogers (Ed). Hamburg: UNESCO.