Natashia Muna


Natashia Muna is Senior Lecturer and has been the Coordinator of the Faculty of Health Sciences Writing Lab since its establishment in 2015. Natashia has a background in science, with specialisations in zoology, biodiversity, and molecular and cell biology, and it was during her PhD, while working as a student consultant at the UCT Writing Centre, that she discovered her passion for working with the languages of science.  Through her work in the Writing Lab, Natashia provides academic literacies support, teaching, and capacity development for staff and students in the FHS. Natashia also convenes the MPhil programme in the Department of Health Sciences Education, and is currently researching and supervising in the areas of multimodal social semiotics, and authorial identity development within science contexts.


Selected Publications

  • Gabriels, S., Muna, N. and le Roux, K., 2022. The Affordances of Visual Modes in Pedagogy on the Physics of Motion in Physiotherapy Education. In Biomedical Visualisation (pp. 87-109). Springer, Cham.

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