Law that Counts
"Law that Counts" (MAM1013F) has been offered by the Numeracy Centre in both semesters from 2003 till 2014. Since 2015 it is only offered in the first semester. All LLB students are obliged either to complete this course or to obtain an exemption by testing out. The  course usually has between 40 and 50 students, including those who are on an extended programme in Law.

Quantitative Literacy for Humanities
"Quantitative Literacy for Humanities" (MAM1014F ) was offered for the first time in 2004 and usually has over a hundred students.  The class is divided into two or three groups depending on size.

Numbers in the Humanities
Numbers in the Humanities (MAM1022F) is a course for students on the extended degree programme. It is similar in structure, content and outcomes to the course MAM1014F  "Quantitative Literacy for Humanities".

Quantitative Literacy for Social Sciences
"Quantitative Literacy for Social Sciences" (MAM1016S) which was also first offered in 2004, follows on from  MAM1014F and is taken mainly by students studying psychology. The class is divided into at least two groups. The materials used for this course have been developed over a number of years by the course convenor and are specifically intended to develop the knowledge and capabilities needed for studying research methods in psychology (and sociology).