What is the Hart House Global Commons Series?

The Hart House Global Commons series brings together students from seven international locations to participate in an online, globally-networked five-week workshop series focused on sharing ideas and skills to support climate justice action. 

Who it is for: all students, regardless of discipline, year of study, or background are encouraged to participate. The 5-week series is designed for students who are interested in exploring how local perspectives can shape global engagement, gaining useful skills in the movement towards climate justice, and spending time connecting with others from around the world. Participants who attend all 5 sessions will receive a certificate of completion from the participating universities. U of T students are eligible for credit on their Co-curricular Record.

What you can expect to get out of the series: This workshop-driven series will focus on developing skills that you can use to support actions towards climate justice. Learn more about speaking persuasively, advocacy and self-care, and work in global teams on a shared creative project. Guest facilitators will be participating from each of the Global Commons locations. 

Participate from anywhere you wish and connect in real-time with students and guests from all locations, meet and connect with others from around the world; and experience a non-academic approach to discussing climate change and intersecting issues.

Time commitment: Each session is 2 hours, and selected students are expected to commit to the entire series, participate fully, and to engage in additional activities including reflections or artistic assignments, for example. 4 sessions will be held online (using Zoom), and 1 session will be held in person on your campus (i.e. the Conference). Total time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours over the term.

2020 Dates and Details