The University of Cape Town is partnering with the Ignitor Fellowship!

The Ignitor Fellowship is a new initiative by the Nobel Peace Centre, to further promote peace, dialogue and sustainability. Students from the University of Cape Town can apply to join the pilot programme.

The Ignitor Fellowship brings two main opportunities to UCT students:

The Ignitor Platform 

The Ignitor platform encourages young engagement by bringing students from all disciplines and universities from around the world together in our online community.

The platform can be found at and students are welcome to already sign up. The platform will provide students with engaging and inspiring resources.

 For instance students can now sign up for the University of Cape Town course Global Citizenship Programme course Dialogue and Deliberation for Active Citizenship in the Ignitor platform. The course is offered in collaboration with the University of the Witwatersrand and is open for registrations for the next semester. By participating in the programme students from UCT and the Wits, will be able to connect with like-minded changemakers from universities around the world.

 Furthermore, the Ignitor platform hosts regular events and challenges with exciting awards, such as a chance to visit Oslo during the Oslo Peace Days in December.

The Ignitor Fellowship

By participating in the digital platform, students will also receive points for their activity and build their candidacy towards the Ignitor Fellowship, an extracurricular leadership programme for post-graduate students to pursue alongside their master's.


How do I become an Ignitor student?


  • Sign up to the digital platform!
  • Get engaged! Join the dialogue, take part in the challenges, and follow events. All students are awarded points for different types of engagement in the platform
  • Around March each year, the process of selecting Ignitor Fellows kicks off. Students with a higher number of points have a better chance of being admitted to the programme. Start building your candidacy by joining the platform and get engaged


How do I participate in the Ignitor Fellowship leadership programme?



Every June, 30 master's students from all over the world are invited to Oslo to begin a 1.5-year leadership programme. The chosen students have been active users of the Ignitor platform and have been nominated by their university. Students who are accepted to the programme are known as Ignitor Fellows. They will benefit from:



Learn more by visiting the Ignitor Fellowship’s website: Students - The Ignitor Fellowship