The UCT Global Citizenship Programme (GCP) is a co-curricular programme providing opportunities for critical engagement with contemporary global and local debates, as well as reflect on issues of citizenship, service work, and social justice.

The GC Programme offers four short-courses which are free and available to all UCT students and which they can complete at any point in their time at the institution. These courses are:

  • Global Debates, Local Voices (GC1), a workshop series.
  • Citizenship & Social Justice: Activism, Service and Social Change (GC2), a service learning course.
  • Voluntary Community Service (GC3), self-organized direct community service.
  • Active Citizenship through Deliberation and Dialogue (GC4)a co-learning partnership.

In addition to these three short-courses, the GC Programme also convenes a credit-bearing course located within the Faculty for Engineering and the Built Environment (EBE), but which is open to students from all faculties. 

  • Social Infrastructures (SI), a course on community engagement for emerging professionals

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