GCP has identified opportunities to connect with students within UCT organisations. These partnerships have the dual function of increasing the GCP's visibility on campus, and introducing key concepts of social justice to the student body and leadership. 

  • DSA (Department of Student Affairs)

    The DSA offers students a range of support services and facilitate development opportunities at UCT. These support services include student governance, orientation, sport & recreation, financial aid, housing and student wellness.

    GC funded a student leadership programme in 2016 and 2017.Within this pilot project students developed their leadership skills through critical engagement in interactive 2-hour sessions once a week. The GC programme offered a workshop in this project to have the student leaders engage with crucial social justice issues pertinent to the contemporary student context.

  • Res Life & Student Housing

    The student residences at UCT elect their own leadership house committees. The GC program partnered with the Social Outreach committees in all the residences to run a workshop on community engagement. The workshop let students engage with the contextual relevance of community engagement in South Africa and to allow them a space to discuss the methods of community engaged learning.

  • Faculty partnerships

    During the university’s orientation period, the GC programme partners with each faculty to raise awareness of GC’s offerings within the student body. This is done by hosting 1-hour sessions in classrooms. During these sessions relevant, thought-provoking questions are posed to stimulate conversations. The discussions attract students who are interested in engaging in further investigation and growth.