Mission and Key Goals

South Africa’s political transition has removed political but not social and economic inequality.  In this context, CHED’s mission is to promote equity of access, effectiveness of teaching and learning and the enhancement of curriculum, with the twin aims of improving student success and ensuring that UCT’s graduates are globally competitive, locally relevant, socially responsive and fully representative of South Africa’s diverse population.

To achieve this mission CHED offers specialized educational services and functions that are essential to enable the faculties to meet UCT’s educational goals.

These include:

  1. Developing assessments which enable alternative access routes and appropriate placement,
  2. Contributing to the development of appropriately structured and enriched curricula and co-curricula which promote the key graduate attributes,
  3. Providing specialized teaching, academic support services and educational design expertise, including the use of ICT’s, that assist UCT with accommodating student diversity and enhancing the curriculum,
  4. Supporting students through key transitions of their undergraduate and postgraduate experience, as well as transitions between the university and the workplace,
  5. Offering formal and informal opportunities for the professional development of staff in their role as educators,
  6. Contributing to the monitoring and evaluation systems for teaching and learning,
  7. Engaging in research and teaching which contributes to the development of scholarship in relevant education fields,
  8. Developing and supporting initiatives that widen access to the knowledge resources of the University community at a local, national, regional and international level,
  9. Contributing to institutional practices and policy which promote and value teaching and learning,
  10. Contributing to regional and national policy and practices which promote and value teaching and learning.