(UCT Principal Investigators: Associate Professor Moragh Paxton, 2014 to 2015; Dr Roisin Kelly-Laubscher, January 2016 to the present)

The First in the Family at University (FIFU) project is an international project involving six countries and funded by the Worldwide Universities Network. The project investigates the dynamic, complex experiences of systemically underserved students who are first in the family to attend university in six countries. The first phase of the data collection and analysis was completed by mid-2015. The team is currently undertaking a second phase of data collection for the project to gather some longitudinal data on the students who took part in the project in 2014. An edited book on the FIFU project – including chapters on the methodology and findings of the South African contribution - is currently under review for the Bloomsbury series Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education.

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