(UCT Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Suellen Shay)

In August 2013 the Council for Higher Education (CHE) released “A proposal for undergraduate curriculum reform in South Africa: A case for a flexible curriculum structure” (CHE, 2013). The argument was that the current curriculum structures pose a systemic obstacle to access and success that can only be overcome through deliberate intervention at a systemic level. The proposal was not approved and higher education in South Africa finds itself in the precarious position of ambitious targets for growth in enrolments and graduation rates. In 2014-2015 Associate Professor Suellen Shay along with a team of colleagues from University of Johannesburg, University of Fort Hare and Cape Peninsula University of Technology launched a multi-institutional research and development project -- funded by the DHET Collaborative Teaching Development Grant -- with the aim of understanding the strengths, limitations and overall effectiveness of the current extended curriculum programmes, and what reform is required to strengthen the contribution of these programmes to systemic reform. 

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