Programmes at the HPI d-school at UCT

20 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018

The d-school’s training and capacity-building programmes fall into two streams: Student and Professional Programmes.

In addition, we offer a Coaching Training Programme through which we develop local coaching capacity for our programmes, as well as for organisations requiring key personnel skilled in leading their internal design thinking approach to innovation.

Take a look at our courses and get involved in a new way of thinking! You can also look at our website for application deadline dates, where applicable.

The Foundation Programme in Design Thinking

This is for undergraduate and postgraduate students registered at institutions of higher learning across South Africa. Students are eligible to apply a year after graduating and the age limit is 35.

Programme outcomes include:

Learning to manage divergent perspectives

Collaboration within diverse, multidisciplinary teams

Applying design thinking in complex work environments

Development of advanced prototypes that have gone through multiple iterations

Fast Forward Programme

This one-day workshop is for UCT staff and registered students who are interested in exploring creative ways of problem solving in a collaborative environment.

What to expect?

Exposure to the design thinking process

Develop empathy for users

Learn to work in multidisciplinary teams

Learn to develop low-fidelity prototypes

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Design Thinking Week

This 4-day Introduction to Design Thinking programme exposes students to working in multi-disciplinary teams on real world problems. It is often the first time that they have the opportunity to work in an environment that incorporates the uncertainty and complexity that go along with operating in real life.

Thus, the d-school provides essential practice for the real world of work. We believe that this preparation, as well as the insights it provides students into how they might apply their skills across multiple sectors and disciplines, helps prepare students for the future.


Open Course

This programme has been designed for individuals who wish to:

Make a difference as a future-ready leader, innovator, manager or entrepreneur.

Develop a culture of design-led innovation.

Drive new ways of thinking and working in their teams.

Learn how to work in multidisciplinary, innovative teams.

Develop human-centred solutions to complex challenges.

Professional Programmes include:

OPEN COURSE: These are scheduled offerings available to professionals.

CUSTOMISED: The d-school designs a range of programmes to meet the needs of large organisations for more customised training and capacity building.

Coach Training Programme

The d-school is committed to building local coaching capacity and has developed a pool of coaches who are undergoing training in design thinking coaching.

The d-school is in the process of designing training for multi-disciplinary teams who have been earmarked by their organisations to coach internal teams to apply a design thinking approach to projects.