Kasturi Behari-Leak is the new ICED President-elect

21 Jan 2020
21 Jan 2020

Dr Kasturi Behari-Leak, President of HELTASA, Southern Africa, and a Senior Lecturer in CILT, CHED, has been nominated to the role of President-elect of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED).  The honour recognises Kasturi's expertise as an academic in teaching and learning and gives impetus to the global South's voice in international Higher Education practice and critical issues related to teaching and learning as well as issues of global concern.

The ICED promotes educational and academic development in higher education worldwide by improving practice through scholarship and research. It currently supports 23 country networks and offers a number of benefits to its members.

Kasturi: "I am delighted at the nomination and welcome the opportunity to serve as President-elect and then President of ICED and work collaboratively with Councillors and member networks to achieve the aims of ICED".

Kasturi will serve as President-Elect for one year from the end of the 2020 Conference to the end of the 2021 Council meeting, and then for two years as President from the end of the 2021 Council meeting to the end of the 2023 Council meeting.

CHED congratulates Kasturi on this outstanding recognition of her expertise and dedication as a change agent in higher education both nationally and internationally.