Dr Aditi Humna

Senior Lecturer


I am a senior lecturer based in the Language Development Group in the Centre for Higher Education Development at UCT. I have a background in English, Linguistics, Philosophy and Rhetorical studies, with a specialisation in Education, in the Applied language and literacy stream.  For my PhD research, I explored first year students' transition to university, with a focus on their response to the university's academic literacy demands. I subsequently designed writing interventions using performative methods, which would familiarise participants with the required conventions, while honouring their voice and autobiographical selves in the writing process. From 2013 onward, I have been exploring the affordances of digital spaces to promote academic literacies, and given the social inequalities of the global south, how digital spaces could play a transformative role.  This has become a pertinent question with the digital turn, post the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In terms of teaching, I have been involved in academic literacy and research literacy courses, e.g. 'Writing in the Humanities' and 'Writing Across Borders', and have worked collaboratively on the design of an academic literacy MOOC called, 'Writing Your World: Finding yourself in the academic space' offered on the Coursera platform. The MOOC's reach to far-flung nations, and to participants of all ages, disciplines and academic levels reinforces, to a large extent, the centrality of academic literacy for the acquisition and mastery of disciplinary content.

Publications: Google scholar profile  / Aditi Hunma

Contact: Aditi.hunma@uct.ac.za