Dr Gideon Nomdo

Senior Lecturer


I am a senior lecturer and unit head of the Language Development Group in the Centre for Higher Education Development at UCT. I have an education background and completed my 4-year Higher Diploma in Education at a teacher’s college and taught in the public school system on the Cape Flats for a few years before taking up university studies. I hold a Masters in Religious Studies (UCT) and a PhD in Sociology of Higher Education (UCT). My PhD explores the concept of “a fateful moment” and how this transpires in the drastic and transformative changes in identity undergone by a group of ‘Coloured’ students participating in a prestigious equity development programme at UCT. The PhD teases out the complexities of being “Coloured” at a historically white institution and how this impacts students’ sense of self in the new SA democracy. I am the academic coordinator of the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowships Programme at UCT, which is an equity development initiative funded by the Mellon Foundation in the USA, and seeks to support, develop and mentor promising black students from their final year of undergraduate studies up to the completion of the PhD. In addition, I teach academic literacy and research literacy courses and have worked collaboratively on the design of an academic literacy MOOC called, 'Writing Your World: Finding yourself in the academic space' offered on the Coursera platform. I view my teaching and facilitation roles from the perspective of promoting student access and ‘educating for positive and transformative change’. My current research interests are in the areas of student development, academic literacy, online writing and reflective practice, and identity transformation. I have supervised at the Masters level, and I have 1 Masters student graduating this year, and I am currently co-supervising a Masters in Education and a PhD in Gender Studies. 

See my research at https://scholar.google.co.za/citations?hl=en&pli=1&user=G_Ma4ukAAAAJ

Contact: Gideon Nomdo – gideon.nomdo@uct.ac.za