The Established and Seasoned Academic Practitioners’ Programme (ESAPP) is targeted at enhancing the teaching practices of established or seasoned academics, with a focus on post-graduate teaching and supervision pedagogy. This new programme, launched in 2021, draws on established academics’ strengths, experiences and capacities to further enhance and give substantive shape to academics’ teaching aspirations as post-graduate university teachers and supervisors. ESAPP focuses on academics who have been in HE/ at UCT for 5-15 years (or longer) and who themselves recognise a need for a ‘refresher course’ on the latest, current and relevant teaching frameworks and curriculum models in relation to post-graduate teaching and supervision pedagogy.

ESAPP consists of a two-day residential retreat (online or F2F) at the beginning of each year. A cohort of 20 academics will be invited to engage with a series of relevant topics focused on increased contextual and disciplinary understanding and awareness of strategies to exercise their agency in post graduate teaching and supervision pedagogy.