UCT students are invited to nominate a teacher who is currently teaching in a secondary school and who, in your opinion, deserves recognition for years of dedicated teaching to students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. The successful teacher will receive a monetary award of R5000, and will be expected to give a talk at an award ceremony. The UCT student who nominates the successful teacher will receive R4000!

Each nomination should include:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Teacher’s name and contact details
  • Name and address of school
  • The name and contact details of at least one UCT student who has been taught (whilst at school) by the teacher being nominated
  • a detailed motivation providing reasons why in your opinion you believe that the teacher you are nominating has acted as a role model in encouraging students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to register at UCT.

The motivation should also answer (as far as possible) the following questions:

  • Can you provide any information on your teacher's results, especially at grade 12 level? eg. pass rates or distinctions achieved by students
  • Can you think of any specific classroom teaching method/ form of testing that really helped you and others to understand and/or enjoy the subject?
  • Can you think of any specific efforts that your teacher made outside of school hours that helped you and your fellow students?
  • Can you provide any information about how long your teacher has been teaching his/her subject and at what levels?
  • Can you recall anything that your teacher said or did that motivated you to further your studies?

Closing date: 29 May 2024