Grantee: Stella Papanicolaou
Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics
Course: History and Theory of Architecture II
Degree level: Undergraduate
Open textbook:  Modern Architectures: Cape Town

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It’s about surfacing what is relevant to our context

Modern buildings from the Global North dominate publications referenced by architects and students as precedent studies that inform their design work. Historical narratives and technological developments of modern buildings in the Global South deserve to be made more visible and accessible to scholars worldwide.  

The "Architecture of the Modern Movement in the Global South", led by Stella Papanicolaou, aimed to build a student-generated content collection describing modern architecture found in the Global South through brief text, photographs and references for further reading.  

Dr Stella Papanicolaou was a senior lecturer in School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the time of receiving the DOT4D grant in 2019.